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a communications employee with coordinating responsibilities for Hago cleaning services.

a service employee with widened tasks and responsibilities, that include projectionistic and supervising responsibilities, at one of the local movie theaters from '09 to April '14 .

a volunteer multimedia designer for the Leprosy Mission the Netherlands since '09.

a tech guy at UpStream on an on-call basis, since '11

a former trout farm and theme park employee, with service focused and supervising tasks and responsibilities from '08 to '09.

a former supermarket employee, with shelf filling and customer assisting tasks from '06 to '08.

a cultivated 3Ds Maxer
an ambitious Unreal 3 user
an affectionate Unity-er
a tried Z-Brusher
a knowledged Photoshopper
an experienced Illustrator
a battlehardened Flasher
a skillfull inDesigner
a trained Dreamweaver
a starting C-Sharpy
an articulate ActionScripter
an adept HTML- and CSS-er